The history of what now is a group company can be traced backed to 1983 when we are known as “Qinghe County Seal Factory” because we are located in Qinghe County, Hebei, China. It is a typical way of naming a business in China, that is adding location name to the full name of the business.

In the 2000’s, Since then the economy has been growing rapidly, so the demand for extruded rubber products in many industries like building and construction is great and our company successfully seized very possible opportunity to satisfy the needs of customers by supplying affordable rubber products. We found the first rubber plastic extrusion factory in Jimo industry park.

  • Since in 2009, according to the the expansion of foreign markets demands, we set up a new trading company - “Qingdao Seashore Industrial Co.Ltd”, untill now, we have served more thank 150countries and regions in the world.

  • By 2014, we have outgrown the original facility and also the market was changing. On the one side, there were more and more factories supplying low-price rubber seals of not very good quality; on the other,  some existing customers were more and more quality-sensitive. In this context, the management decided to build a new manufacturing plant, adopt new production lines and testing instruments involved in mixing, extruding and molding high quality rubber products, and build a new factory – “Qigndao Chuangli Rubber Co., Ltd.”  which mean achieving business goals through cooperation with customers and suppliers based on commitment, honesty, candid communications and mutually beneficial relationship.


Honors & Awards

Qingdao Seashore Rubber Co contributes a lot to the development of local economy and has been awarded honors for many times. As an active and competitive manufacturer of custom extruded rubber products and molded rubber products, we will continue to develop new competences and processes to better serve our customers and the community.

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